Year 7 TW geography homework. Wednesday 15th June 2016

You have a test on Rivers and Coasts next week on (WEDNESDAY). This will cover all that we have done on Rivers and Coasts over the last few weeks. You should make sure you revise the following:

  • Valleys ( V -Shaped) How they form, where they are on a river.
  • Waterfalls: features and how they are made.
  • How erosion forms a river and a waterfall
  • River features such as mouth, channel etc.
  • How water flows in a meander, river cliffs, river beaches explain how the water flows.
  • Transportion, deposition, Erosion
  • Coastal erosion and features such as caves, arches etc
  • Flooding in Bangladesh
  • Human and Natural causes of flooding
  • Flood action plans
  • Water cycle
  • How erosion changes coast lines : Holderness case study
  • Sea defences: Groynes, Rip Rap etc.
  • Environment Agency and flooding in the UK

If you have any questions please just ask.

Ms Bradshaw

Year 9 History revision for your End of Key Stage 3 exams



Your exam will be in 3 parts for the end of year test and the format is listed below:

The first section will be on the causes of WW1 and life in the trenches. There will be short answer questions here.Where you will be expected to answer questions using key words such as PURPOSE, FEATURES, INFER, CONSEQUENCES
The second section will be on the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany pre-WW2. There will be short answer questions covering Knowledge and Understanding and SOURCE Inference.There are a total of 7 questions in the first section.
The third section will be an essay-style question. You will have the choice of two questions. You will be pointed on what to revise closer to the time, but you must give facts, figures and key detail for this question whilst justifying your point of view.
Below are some links for each of the units and key sections that you may find useful when revising:

Causes of WW1 and life in the trenches:


Revise the causes of WW1 here

Activity to complete on the causes of WW1 starting

A video explaining WW1


Information on the Treaty of Versailles- the peace agreement

Test yourself online


You must complete your mind map for revision. A good revision technique is to start with A3 and write all your ideas and key words. Then, do this again but on A4. Lastly, do this again but on to A5. You will be regurgitating your ideas so you will process this information to your memory so you do not forget! Do not waste your time with highlighting and making the notes look pretty, be effective!

The rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany


A great link to Germany between 1918 and 1939. This gives revision notes on the Weimar Republic, Nazi Beliefs, the Munich Putsch in 1923, Hitler’s rise to power, and the structure of control in Nazi Germany. There are lots of revision links and even tests to do online!

Hitler’s rise to power. A great video presented by Andrew Marr that is 8 minutes long that sums up a lot of the key points in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. Whilst watching this, think about some of the key events that turned Hitler into a force and gave the Nazi party a strong status in Germany!

Key stage 3 video to WW2. A good summary video. Also, check the link at the bottom that says ‘glossary’. Adding these key words and having an understanding of them, i.e. appeasement, will really help when writing your essay or giving reasoning.

Mini-test. It’s quick, and gives you direct feedback. 10 questions, give it a go!

Revision notes. A really simple and easy guide to the key events leading to WW2 in Nazi Germany. Definitely worth a read, there are 6 pages of information so easy to digest.

Year 8DS and 8HA History homework Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th June 2016

In this weeks lessons we have been learning about Ancient Egyptian medicine.

I have asked you to answer this question for this weeks home study:

“Religion hindered medical progress in Ancient Egyptian times” How far do you agree with this statement?

Here are a few clips to help you

And here is the link for the BBC revision tool we used in class

If you really wanted to STRETCH yourself have a go at the GCSE bitesize quiz. You can do it! I know you can.

7TW and 7PB History homestudy Tuesday 7th June 2016

In lessons this week we have been learning about Oliver Cromwell and deciding if he was a hero or a villain. I have given you a sheet to complete for homestudy and you have to complete both sections.

  1. Decide if the statements are saying hero or villain.
  2. Complete an extended answer explaining your own view. Use the writing frame I have given you


I have uploaded another copy of the sheet here just in case you lose yours! Click on it to open it.

Oliver Cromwell hero or villan homework sheet CBR


Here is a fun film clip on Cromwell to help you:

Deadline: Tuesday 14th June 2016

Year 7TW Geography home study Tuesday 7th June 2016

We have been learning about flooding in Bangladesh and the impacts of the floods on this country in 2004.

I would like you to watch the film clip below and write a paragraph of the

  • social effects ( how it affected every day life)
  • economic  effects ( money)
  • environmental impacts of this flood on the people of Bangladesh.

It can be written in your book, sent to me on the VLE for me to print or send me a reply here.

Deadline next Tuesday 14th June 2016.


7TW Geography homestudy 10th May 2016

Explain in your own words which of the coastal defences from the ones we looked at in class, you feel would be the best at protecting the soft rock coastline at Holderness.

This GCSE caae study clip will help you. If you really want to stretch yourself have a go at the GCSE question and I will mark your answer using the mark scheme:


Or go to 7.29mins in on this clip and get more info on hard or soft engineering to save the coast.

Deadline 24th May 2016. Let me know via the blog or the VLE if you need any help.

Ms Bradshaw

8DS and 8 HA History homework week beginning 3rd May 2016

I have asked you to complete your newspaper front page on the Amritsar massacre. It should include the following:

  • Name of paper
  • Headline remember this can be from the time or in 2016 they would be quite different
  • Facts about when it happened, where it happened, why it happened, who was involved.
  • It should also include contextual knowledge of empire: why was Britain in India, why was imperialism unpopular by this point
  • Facts about results, deaths, injuries, how the empire and Dyer were seen.
  • Interviews with a soldier, or a survivor or a religious leader

Deadline next week’s lesson Thursday 12th 8HA, Friday 13th 8DS

Ms Bradshaw

7TW and 7PB History homework Tuesday 3rd May 2016

We have been looking at what life was like during the English Civil War.

I have asked you to produce a recruitment poster for either the Roundheads of the Cavaliers.

It must EXPLAIN what you are fighting for, what soldiers will get to fight with and info onland that you control.

If you did not get the timeline of battles completed for the STRETCH activity last time this must be done also.

Deadline 10th May 2016

Ms Bradshaw